Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birds Everywhere....

I think my yard has gone to the birds! The other day I was out watering some of my flowers. I have some rose bushes that have started blooming so I was out taking photos to share with you all. Here's some:

This is a photo of my peach rose bush. I love this plant. It's huge and full of roses.

See....I told you this was a huge rose bush.

And inside this bush (just like last year) this is what I find.

This cute little nest belongs to a chipping sparrow. She has been sitting on it for the last two days.

This photo is one from my pink/rose color roses. These are some large roses.
I love this one.....half open, half close!
This bush is more on the red side. These roses (when open) are on the smaller size. But they smell wonderful!!
All the bushes have even more blooms on them now.....
Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. I am off to carry Shelby to the dentist...fun...I know!!


Susie said...

TK your roses are beautiful! That little nest is so sweet. Your roses have gone to the birds in a good way. It will be fun to see the baby birds!

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Lovely, lovely,lovely!

~Marie~ said...

What beautiful rose bushes. We had a rose bush growing up in the yard and it was very small. It had the most beautiful little pink roses bloom on it. Then one year beatles ate the entire bush and killed it.

fly tie said...

wow at the bird eggs! it's always so neat to find those. and the flowers are beautiful.

i'll add your new link to my blog roll.

Christina said...

These are absolutely fabulous pictures. I am glad that I came upon your blog! Have a great day.

Christina B