Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A while back my sister asked if I would fix a blanket that our Grandmother did for my nephew. When he was a little boy, Grandma quilted a blanket for him and over the years it started to come apart. All it needed was new binding added. So I said yes!!

Here's the before:

I am guessing she quilted around October sometime due to it having black cats and witches. We kinda giggled about it when my sister showed me. Oh how I miss my grandmother!!!
I loved sitting there admiring the hand stitches. I am sure each one was done with care and lots of love.
Well here is the finished look. My sister wanted it done in a soft tan. I am no quilter (I have only done one whole quilt)....but I did enjoy working on this one. I have to admit, after working on this one I really want to do one for my daugther!!!
Enjoy your Tuesday!!! :-)



Grandma would be very proud of what you've done, good job :0)

Elizabeth said...

My Granny quilted also. I miss her so much. My mom still has many of the quilts she made. They are priceless.

Justine said...

I think it's wonderful that you were able to add your touch to a family heirloom. That always makes it that much more special.

~Marie~ said...

What a lovely quilt. You did a great job!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Good job on the quilt. I think a quilt for your daughter is a grand idea.
My Grandmother quilted and I have a doll quilt she did and my Mother had done a quilt top of a double wedding ring design and I have attempted to quilt it. I like about 3 more rows before I add the binding and this inspires me to get it out and finish.