Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Pet-O-Ween!

One of our local radio stations is doing a PetOween feature. Where people can post their photos of their pets in costumes. There are some cute ones too! I know some of you are animal I thought I would post a few. (I wanted to give credit to the pet owners but there was no names!)
This is a sweet pea and a bunny. Are they not the cutest......??
Oh my's Oscar the Grouch. He is too cute to be a grouch!
The cart just adds to the costume. I love the little hat with feathers.
This cat doesn't look to happy! LoL. What a cute lobster!
Okay, this next one.....I just want to scoop up and hold, hug and kiss this little bumble bee. It is so freaking cute!!!!
Here is the link of the rest.


Mighty M said...

They are all so cute!

Lady Di Tn said...

These are so cute. I like the horse dog and the bee dog. Peace