Thursday, December 3, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Okay..okay...not really the dress up you probably thought of. It's not with clothes, it's paper and glue. I love writing down ideas that pop into my mind so I am always buying writing pads or notebooks. Well I saw this little tutorial how to dress up your writing pads over on Just A Girl. These would be fun to do and give as a gift too. Do a few in different sizes and team it up with some pins and pencils for a quick gift.

Here's how I did mine.
First get your supplies together.....
Writing pads
Glue stick
Decorative paper

Take your paper and line it up with the top part of the pad. And fold in place and flip over.

Then I traced the pad onto the pad. (You can leave it a little long and just fold over the top if you would like.)

Cut out the shape.

I used a simple glue stick and rubbed lots of glue on the front of the pad where I would be placing the paper.
Ta Da!! Cute writing pads are all done. It's pretty simple and fast.

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Celina said...

So cute and fun to make too! Loved your happy christmas pin from yesterday as well! inspired me--a fellow plain shirt wearer--to break out the craft stuff and see what I can come up with this weekend!