Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting off with a bang...

This year, so far, is starting off with a bang. I received my first three custom orders for this year, and my husband has a table to redo. He loves repairing/re finishing furniture and I hope that one day he will be able to stay home and work on that instead of leaving to go to work.

I have a few new items to show this year, but first I have to kick my way into my workroom and clean it up. Over the holidays it was my "catch all room"....and it caught alot!! Do you have a room like that??

I'm off to clean now.....Have a great day everyone!!


Only Prettier said...

Good Luck!Your stuff is beautiful!!!!!

Michelle said...

Glad you've started off on a great year, me too. Not for any specific reason, just feels calm. I know it won't be once classes start again, so I plan to enjoy it while it lasts!