Wednesday, April 20, 2011

While we were gone....

We decided to take a few days and head to the beach. While we were gone there was lots of storms that came through our home area. We left by lunch and drove in rain and lots of wind. We had no idea what we were leaving behind. Tornado's hit the central NC area. I last heard I think there were around 80 some touch downs.

One touched down about 5 mins from our house. (in Micro) and it was pretty bad. Thank the lord we didn't get any damage. We called some family members that live beside us and down the road and things were okay. I feel so bad for the ones that did have damage. It touched down at our local high school too.
It torn up the baseball field, dug outs and a small building.

This house was moved off the foundation. And lots of trees were down.

This was a small trailer park that was damaged really bad. I feel so bad for those that lost their belongings. I drive by this place often, and Micro is a small community with LOTS of nice people.

We came back three days after the storms so we couldn't get to many photos, they had roads closed off and lots of cleaning going on. Another place I go to alot is Wilson. They were hit pretty bad too. I go to the Walgreen's there and they got damage and cars in the parking lots were flipped over and moved.

I HATE a thunderstorm, wind, or tornado so if I had been home when this was going on, I would have just cried....I am so scared of storms.

You can visit WRAL and view photos and videos of the tornado's. We have watched a lot of them. Mother Nature isn't no joke!

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funkymacgirl said...

Thanx for sharing i always watch the news and this was another form for me, I had heard that there were soo many tornados...ugh theres nowhere safe in the u.s.a or anywhere ..glad your ok and your home is still up..i also feel bad for those who were in the tornados path..GOD BLESS!