Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm still here....

I'm still here....
Did you forget about me?

I have been so busy and it's been hard getting to the computer to post. My daughter only has about 2 weeks left for her summer vacation so we are trying to spend as much time together. We had school supply shopping, school clothes shopping and even some birthday shopping. Her birthday party is next Saturday so I have been planning for that, getting a head start on a major house cleaning before all the guest arrive. I believe every time I turn around something new is added to my calender.

Things to do in the next 2 weeks:
1) birthday party
2) Dentist apt.
3) Orthodontics apt.
4) 2ND trip to Orthodontics to get the price of braces and talk about oral surgery daughter needs. (I am sure I will be CRYING that day)
5) School Orientation
6)First day of school
7) Clean house before birthday
8) Make cake and cupcakes for birthday
9) Go to doctor and get physical paper filled out for daughter
10) Volleyball tryouts at daughters school
(I am sure there is more but that's what I can think of now......)

I haven't forgot about my wonderful blog readers. Once school starts I will be back to normal posting.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, I have to say I am a little ready for Fall. :-)


~Marie~ said...

I haven't forgotten about you!! I hope you are having a wonderful summer

Mighty M said...

Enjoy this time - as busy as it is!! :-)

Janet said...

Forget about you??? NEVER!!! I check for your blogs every day!!! Today is Isaac's 12th bday. He's spending his last day in Hawaii! They fly to Phoenix tomorrow with another set of grandparents, and on Tuesday, Missy flies to Phoenix to fly home to Florida with them. I can't believe that Isaac and Shelby are 12, and that on the 29th, you will be ?? (that's also Amanda's bday). Love you all,