Monday, August 31, 2009

B is for Braces

Today me and hubby got to take a trip to our daughters orthodontics. (If you have small children....START SAVING NOW!) Oh my, they are so expensive. She really needs them. Bless her heart, she has such a small mouth and her teeth are just crowded.

I was a little sick feeling waiting to talk to the lady about what needs to be done and the price. Her dentist suggested that she may need oral surgery dued to one tooth not moving up. Well the orthodontist said no surgery is needed but they are taking 4 teeth out to make room and wait for the other tooth to come on out. They showed us the $300 dollar x-rays we had done about 2 weeks ago. After 30 mins of talking and going over everything she slides the cute little green folder over to us and pulls out a piece of paper with the price on it. I looked over it, looked over it again, and looked once more. WOW!! I was surprise that I didn't fall out of the chair. On the way I looked at my husband and prepared him that I might cry with minimal drama,but would hold it in until we reached the car to leave. The price.....UPPER $5,000 and I mean UPPER. As I focused on the price...I had flashes of the nicely used car I wished for, a couple of much needed vacations, Christmas gifts we will do without, the purses I need to sale, etc......! We will be paying on them babies for 2 years. BUT as it all soaks in I am getting a little excited to see that beautiful smile she will have in 2 years. It's all worth it.


Mighty M said...

The important thing is to make sure she only has to have them ONCE. Then it really is all worth it!! It is amazing to me how many people get them and then for whatever reason have to get them again somewhere down the road!! I wore them for 4 years and can still remember the pain of getting them tightened every month!! ;-)

~Marie~ said...

Oh how I feel sorry for your daughter. My teeth were too big for my mouth and it was over crowded. I had my jaw widened, teeth pulled and braces for 7 years. Some of my teeth are crooked now because when they removed them my wisdom teeth pushed my teeth forward because they were coming in wrong and the orthodontist didn't believe me when I said at night while I slept I would take the retainer out, simply because I was in so much pain. He thought I was purposely not wearing my retainer at night. Ugh... At one point I was visiting the orthodontist every week to have things tightened, and I wouldn't be able to eat anything for half that week. Once I was able to eat food again it was time to get them tightened.

Even with my somewhat crooked teeth I have now because of my wisdom teeth, I would not go back into braces. It was too much pain for me. Physically and emotionally, because I was also teased.

Give your daughter a big hug from me!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from Mighty M's to say hi! Braces stink, but they're worth it!

Lady Di Tn said...

Be thankful that she did not have a sleding accident and have to wear those wires TWICE as my son had to but now he has a "beautiful" smile. Also get a second opinion before you go forth in Money land. Peace