Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let it snow....Let it snow!!

Yes, it snowed here in NC. Something we don't see to much of and not this early. Normally most of our snow comes in Jan/Feb, so it makes me wonder if we are going to have a crazy winter. I love snow....that is if I have no where to go. I love wearing pj's, sipping on hot chocolate and laying curled up under a blanket all day watching the snow fall.
It didn't snow alot, and it didn't stay around very long. BUT it sure was beautiful falling from the sky. We were out shopping at Walmart and my daughter started getting texts from her friends that it was snowing so we went outside (at the garden section) and it was. Lucky for us the roads were warm so it didn't stick on the roads and we were able to get home easy.

So my daughter decided to run outside and get a picture of our first snow of the winter.....hahaaaa she already changed into her "lay around" clothes, but she didn't care.

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gayle said...

Your pictures look just like mine! We got about a 1/4 of yesterday in our area of NC! Wish I had taken pictures later in the day when it was covering the grass. Love the snow especially when they cancel school...then I get to stay home from work.:)